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Passive chucks - collet chucks - collet chuck

Product characteristics:

JP-30/42/60/80 is a standard universal spring collet design, and the collet is fully protected, dust-proof and waterproof; It is made of high-strength materials by heat treatment, with large strength, high precision and long service life. The accuracy of the chuck body is ≤ 0.003mm, and the JT adjustable clamping accuracy can be fine adjusted to 0.001mm; JB-HBG series uses rubber collet. The full contact surface of Roubi collet is more stable and has higher precision. The collet can be replaced in 15 seconds quickly, and the axial positioning error is 0; The collet is driven by a rear oil cylinder and clamped in a forward or backward pulling manner; The collet can be connected by taper type or sub mouth type;

Product application: it can clamp tube material, bar material, square bar, hexagonal bar, special-shaped parts, etc; Suitable for turning, milling, grinding, etc.

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