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Diaphragm chucks. Diaphragm chucks

Product characteristics:

0.001mm Repeat accuracy, suitable for holding a variety of high -precision workpieces, holding accuracy of 0.002mm, permanent accuracy life. Bearing oil lubrication, low temperature rise, transition speed can reach 5000rpm. Turn the cylinder hidden without installing any installation of any installation The rear drive turns oil cylinder and lever; the card system is completely installed by the in front of the lathe, saving time and effort. The series of mounts are highly sealed, waterproof and dustproof, and the product life is long. , Suitable for thin wall parts and fragile parts. Elastic film cards, no slider wear, permanent maintenance of clamping accuracy. Replaceable all -round claws, the most uniform clamping force, membrane cylindrical clamping can be customized in the internal rising type , Outer clamping.
Product reminder: Due to the clamping force output method of film -shaped transformer design, the clamping force is relatively small, suitable for mild and high -definition driving/grinding processing.
Products products Application: It is mainly suitable for fine -running processing of various types of ultra -thin and small electronics and precision parts. For example, micro -bearings, motors, precision sets, etc. are highly accurate processing.

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