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Car manufacturing industry

We provide a processing fixture scheme for the parts industry at all levels to solve the driving product of dedicated equipment for product process, resource optimization requirements and production capacity improvement requirements.

Dedicated parts process

Processing plan

■ New energy vehicle motor drive shaft processing plan
Designed and produced a CNC double -headed lathe clip of Tesla, BYD and other new energy vehicle motors, and the two -way driving process project of the transmission shaft, and solve the clamping scheme of the double -sided processing process.

■ Automotive engine piston (sales) processing scheme
Provide a special main axis clip product for the production of dual -headed car process automation production manufacturers such as Xiang Torch, Wanhui, and Bain.

■ Automobile shock absorption system processing plan
For the manufacturers of car shock absorbing systems such as Wanyou and Yazhixing, the dual -headed car owner shaft clip design scheme and product of the two -way driving process project of the two -way driving process project.

■ Electric vehicle rear axle processing plan
To solve the problem that the carrier and grinding processing process is difficult to guarantee during the car rear bridge. The design of the dual group and the main axis clip product of the dual group with the power main shaft clip unit of the dual group, and the product is completed at a time.

■ Transmission gear processing scheme
The automated driver -cutting double -headed car holding scheme of the traditional process optimization scheme of the transmission tooth shaft;



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