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Construction machinery manufacturing industry

Provide a special fixture solution for non -traditional conventional parts processing technology for various heavy industry parts manufacturing industries for the manufacturing industry of the construction machinery industry, and issue a full -technology design evaluation scheme and product.

Construction machinery manufacturing

Processing plan

Track transmission branch heavy wheel
The heavy wheel of heavy engineering equipment tracked transmission branches is the iconic concentric embryo material. The two -way secondary clamp benchmarks are different from the differential processing concentric benchmark. The two -way spindle clip is solved reasonably with a clamping benchmark synchronization processing scheme.

Mining mechanical alien drill rod
For the small and different long -range folder holding schemes between the two ends, the dual group is designed to use the power main shaft clip unit, and the product is completed at one time under the same clamp.

Large -scale weight -littering cylinder
Solve the processing difficulties of the two -way coaxial car, bleak, and grinding of the ultra -long cylinder parts, process it at the same time under the same clamp, and design the two -group mobile combination main axis clip seat. The two -way processing process optimization.



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