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Air pressure, hydraulic chuck, chuck

Product characteristics:

Rotary chuck adopts aluminum alloy cylinder body, which is light in weight and high in heat dissipation, and can effectively reduce temperature. The air and hydraulic cylinders are equipped with machinery, so it is unnecessary to install rotary cylinders. The clamping accuracy is 0.03-0.05mm (10mm from the end face); Forcibly release the mechanism without jamming; The mechanism is simple, high efficiency and low cost design; It is easy to install and can be directly installed by the front flange of the lathe The fixed type, as a non rotary table top fixture product, is designed with all steel and processed with high hardness heat treatment, which is more practical and stable. For fixed products and other general products in the market, we constantly improve to meet the needs of higher precision and durability.

Product application: mainly used in laser pipe cutting and laser welding; High frequency sealing pipe; Transformation of various types of ordinary lathes and special machines; Hardware processing automation equipment; Various pipe fittings, shafts and traditional hardware processing industry; Slightly heavy rough turning such as tube and rod cutting, cutting, chamfering, end face processing and general accuracy (≥ 0.05mm).

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