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Bi-directional spindle clamp seat.Bi-directional spindle clamp seat

Product characteristics:

It can be processed at both ends simultaneously, with double efficiency of "zero" concentricity at both ends, greatly reducing the volume and cost. It is a special tool for shaft and tube machining and a higher speed design to perfectly solve various processing requirements. It greatly reduces the length of the spindle. For short material processing, retractable and knife-type designs solve the length limitation of the spindle and make automatic feeding at the rear easier. The configuration of extended head and the use of movable two-set spindle clamping completely solve the double-head machining of super-long workpiece. The latest cartridge clamp design is super-large clamping stroke, which perfectly solves the clamping problem of large tolerance workpiece. (Special clamp products can be designed separately for customer products and processing characteristics)
Product application: two-end special turning machine, spindle, shaft and sleeve processing. It is widely used in automobile, electromechanical and other manufacturing industries involving shaft applications.

Product video

Application industry

Product Involvement in IndustryApplicable Processing ProductsProduct type for general useProduct Involvement in IndustryApplicable Processing ProductsProduct type for general use
automobilePiston pins for gasoline and diesel enginesJHP-32, JHP-72, JHP-95/120Electric machineryMotor shaft for starterJHP-32, JHP-72
Shock absorber connecting rod, shock absorber cylinderJHP-32, JHP-72Motor Shaft HousingJHP-72, JHP-120, JHP-160 and above
Automotive rear axleJHP-160, JHP-180, JHP-220Motor Profile End CapJHP-72, JHP-120, JHP-160 and above
New Energy Automotive Motor ShaftJHP-72, JHP-42/52Fan shaft coreJHP-32, JHP-72
Automotive torsion barJHP-32, JHP-72Fan Motor Rotor, StatorJHP-72, JHP-120, JHP-160 and above
Telescopic rod for back boxJHP-32Gearbox, Gearbox ShaftJHP-32, JHP-72
Steering columnJHP-32, JHP-72Gear shaftJHP-32, JHP-72
Automotive Shafts, Pipes, Sleeves, Motor Stator Rotor PartsWhole range of productsWater pump shaftJHP-32, JHP-72
Electric bike, motorcycle, bicycleMotorcycle shock absorberJHP-72, JHP-120Precision Sensing EquipmentPrinter shaft, copier shaftJAN Series, JHP-20/25, JHP-32
Bike pedal shaftJHP-32, JHP-72Shaft and Tube Fittings for Precision Optical Medical EquipmentJAN Series, JHP-20/25, JHP-32
Flower drum for electric bicycleJHP-72Elevator.Elevator drumJHP-32, JHP-72, JHP-120
Rear axle of box electric vehicleJHP-120, JHP-160, JHP-180Elevator drive shaft, pipe fittingsJHP-32, JHP-72, JHP-120
Pipe fittings such as electric vehicle and bicycle handleJHP-32, JHP-72Sports equipmentTreadmill drums (drums, shafts)JHP-32, JHP-72, JHP-120
Mechanical Heavy IndustryElectro-spindle axisWhole range of productsOtherLaser cutting and weldingWhole range of products
Track centre axisWhole range of productsLogistics delivery drumWhole range of products
Various mechanical bushings, connecting rods, cylindersWhole range of productsHardware Fittings, Shunt Common Rail, Pipe and Shaft FittingsWhole range of products
Bearing holderWhole range of productsOptical Instrument Sleeve, Logistics Conveyor DrumWhole range of products
Track drive wheelJHP-160, JHP-220, JHP-260Fishing gear, kitchen utensils, medical devicesWhole range of products

Basic Principles for Selecting Main Shaft

Main Shaft ModelJH/AP-32 seriesJH/AP-72 seriesJHP-95 seriesJHP-120 seriesJHP-160 series
Recommended clamping range mm∮5-∮32∮20-∮72∮30-∮95∮35-∮120∮100-∮160
Clamping length of workpieceSingle clip≤75mm≤90mm≤110mm≤110mm≤110mm
Double cartridge clamp75mm-400mm90mm-400mm110mm-450mm110mm-450mm110mm-450mm
Dual spindle>400mm>400mm>450mm>480mm>520mm
Maximum rpm/min30002000180015001000
Repeated clamping accuracy mm≤0.03≤0.03≤0.03≤0.03≤0.05
Material corresponding clamping modeSteel parts: bars/pipes with wall thickness >3mmOil pressureOil pressureOil pressureOil pressureOil pressure
Steel parts: pipe with wall thickness ≤3mmAir pressureAir pressure
Copper-aluminum partsOil pressureOil pressure
Maximum service pressurekg/cm2Oil Pressure 20/Gas Pressure 8Oil Pressure 20/Gas Pressure 8Oil Pressure 15Oil Pressure 15Oil Pressure 15
Clamping stroke (cylinder clamping opening and tightening motion stroke)1.5mm1.5mm1.5mm1.5mm1.5mm
Installation angle (installation angle on machine tool)0-90°0-90°0-90°0-45°0-45°
Main Shaft ModelJHP-180 seriesJHP-200 seriesJHP-220 above seriesJAN series 
Recommended clamping range mm∮100-∮180∮100-∮200∮100-∮220 above∮5-∮35 
Clamping length of workpieceSingle clip≤120mm≤120mm≤120mmDouble diaphragm 210mm-450mm 
Double cartridge clamp110mm-450mm120mm-450mm120mm-450mm 
Dual spindle>550mm>550mm>550mm 
Maximum rpm/min8007006001500-3000 
Repeated clamping accuracy mm≤0.05≤0.05≤0.05≤0.01 
Material corresponding clamping modeSteel parts: bars/pipes with wall thickness >3mmOil pressureOil pressureOil pressureAir pressure 
Steel parts: pipe with wall thickness ≤3mmAir pressure 
Copper-aluminum partsAir pressure 
Maximum service pressure kg/cm2Oil pressure15Oil pressure15Oil pressure158 
Clamping stroke (cylinder clamping opening and tightening motion stroke)1.5mm1.5mm1.5mm0.2mm--0.6mm 
Installation angle (installation angle on machine tool)0-45°0-45°0-45°0-90° 
RemarksSelect the spindle type:
1. First, the diameter and length of the product to be processed should be considered, and the spindle type suitable for clamping through holes should be selected.
2. Depending on the product roundness requirement, the concentricity of processing positions at both ends, and the requirement of clamping position and processing position, select the spindle that can meet the requirement.
3. When the diameter is smaller, select the spindle with high speed. If the customer needs more rotational speed of the spindle than listed in the table above, then select the bearing according to the actual situation.
4. The workpiece being processed is of softer material and more easily deformed (thin-walled pipe, copper and aluminium parts), the air press spindle must be selected.
5. Customer-specified cylinder clamping stroke can not exceed 2mm. Only the main shaft above JHP-120 can increase the clamping stroke at present. Specifically, the detailed analysis needs scheme.
6. To see if there is any axial positioning requirement for the workpiece, choose push-ahead type, add axial positioning plate or double-piston main shaft.
7. See the length of workpiece: shorter workpiece needs single-cylinder clamping, and shorter workpiece can be clamped by double-cylinder clamping. Due to the limitation of the width of the spindle, do you want to make the indented cutter penetrate the through-hole of the spindle and let it work? Does the long workpiece have single spindle and extension sleeve? Whether two sets of spindles are used for extra-long workpieces.
8. The overall selection of spindles needs to consider the compatibility of various diameters and length specifications of end-user products to select product options.
9. Evaluate process requirements and tool holder configuration, and self-simulate tool feed interference according to spindle size and installation angle.
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