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Hollow air pressure rotary cylinder

Product characteristics:

Hollow air pressure rotary cylinder for CNC lathe. The rotary cylinder bearing is not subject to axial thrust. The bearing life is greatly improved, surpassing all kinds of products on the market. The air pressure rotary cylinder is used Save the purchase and maintenance costs of all hydraulic facilities and oil coolers. The piston stroke is large, and it is not afraid of large workpiece tolerance, eliminating the trouble of loose clamping. JAR series can be directly assembled on the lathe spindle tailpipe, without the need to prepare connecting plates JA42 series is installed by the main shaft rear flange connection, with high stability. The slewing cylinder bearing is lubricated with oil mist, which is light and does not generate heat at high speed. The maximum speed is 4000rpm. Small size, light weight, high speed operation without stopping, continuous production efficiency is higher. One way self-locking design, the workpiece will not fall off when the air pressure source is interrupted. The maximum diameter of JAR series hollow through-hole is ¢ 63mm, and the maximum diameter of JA42 series hollow through-hole is ¢ 42mm. The air pressure rotary cylinder technology will be the future trend of the machine tool industry. Compared with the hydraulic rotary cylinder, the pneumatic rotary cylinder is more environmentally friendly, has lower cost, and can provide higher speed and work efficiency
Product application: JAR series air pressure rotary cylinder is designed for various small machine tools, such as table lathe and CNC lathe. Specially used for driving collet and small three jaw chuck.

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