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Laser cutting industry

Laser cutting pipe processing is currently the mainstream process of cutting and hollowing out of pipes. The laser tube tube machine requires the characteristics of fast clamping speed, stable rotation, and durability of the fixture. The air -pressed card and the air pressure jacking are an advanced product that optimizes the reaction speed of the air pressure driver to combine the needs of the tube process.

The application of pneumatic cards and pneumatic chip in the field of laser cutting pipes

Product application background

As the earliest air -pressed chip, as a cutting fixture, it belongs to the traditional three -claw cards to replace the product during batch processing. In the process of advanced mechanical cutting pipes to the laser cutting process, according to non -contact laser tubes, according to non -contact laser tubes The characteristics of the processing process have made great adjustments to the power output of the product to ensure that the torque needs required for the use of the product during the cutting process will be reduced under the premise of stable clamping to ensure the rapid response capacity of the product. Eliminate the solution of traditional institutions on card problems to meet high -speed and efficient application needs.

Application case video


The air pressure card and the air pressure sandwich have the following characteristics:
1. Fast speed: the pinch is loosened in the response in 0.5 seconds.
2. Compatibility: Most products can be universal.
3. No card: comes with forced to release the mechanism.
4. Meet different accuracy requirements: products that can choose different accuracy requirements for different product industries.



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