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CNC machine tool industry

In addition to the stability of the machine tool, CNC machine tools have a decisive factor in the stability and efficiency of final processing products. Chongye is committed to the research and development customization of various CNC dedicated machine tool fixtures to solve the high -precision and high -efficiency fast clamping scheme of the needs of batch product processing technology.

The application of the two -way spindle clip in CNC double -headed lathe

Research and development background

Several difficult problems of traditional driving processes during the car cutting process at both ends of the workpiece:
1. When the two ends need to be processed at the same time, you need to do second -time independent processing, which is high in manpower and equipment. > 2. The clamping reference variable generated by the secondary clamp cannot be controlled;
3. When the workpiece has concentric requirements, the secondary clip variable benchmark cannot be controlled and ensured that the concentric requirements are required.

For the solution of the above -mentioned difficulties, the development of the two -way spindle clipper came into response, and the core unit promoted the industrial development of the double -headed CNC lathe.

Application case video

Market application development process

CHC first developed a two -way spindle clip in Taiwan. In the early days of this century, it aims to solve the requirements of concentric driving in the bearing of the bicycle flower drum at the end of the bicycle drum. Later, the product needs is gradually promoted to the axis sales, pipes, shells and related general industries. The change of parts processing technology, is widely used in automotive parts processing and manufacturing, automation, motor industry manufacturing, precision industry, heavy industry, and general manufacturing.

Optimization of traditional craftsmanship

The workpiece is installed at one time, and the two ends are processed at the same time to reduce the time of loading and moving time.
Reduce equipment resource investment and venue occupation, so that the use of equipment can be double -efficient
Avoid variables with secondary clamp benchmark to ensure the relative processing accuracy requirements under the same benchmark
To maximize the cost of labor cost
Automated design investment can fit the unmanned chemical factory that realizes manufacturing and processing

The application of precision membrane cartridges and membrane chips in CNC machine tools

Product application background

The film clip technology is first derived from Japan. In CNC precision car lathes and CNC precision grinding machines, the stability and repetitive accuracy of the fixture are extremely high. What is solved is to eliminate the deformation and stability output of workpieces, membrane cartridges, and membrane sandwiches different from traditional fixtures. Through their unique working principles, light clamps, light -cutting, and high stability accuracy features of the processing characteristics of precision workpieces are used to adapt to the processing characteristics of precision workpieces.

Application case video


The precision membrane card and the film chip have a repetitive accuracy of 0.001-0.003. Through air pressure, the cause of the stable and elastic deformation of the plate surface of the plate surface is used to drive the film chip clamping the workpiece. It is mainly used in the inner support and outer clamps of high precision workpieces and light and easy -to -variable parts to meet the process requirements of precision and grinding of CNC lathes and precision grinding machines.



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