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JAB/JHB Series Rotary Chuck

Product characteristics:

JAB air compression series products are integrally formed with heat treated steel, featuring high rigidity, long precision life, no load bearing, high speed, long bearing life and low temperature; The bobbin can be forced to open by two-way driving force, which can fully support automatic feeding, without the trouble of jamming and operation interruption; The flange on the front of the lathe can be directly installed, which is convenient to save time, reduce the thickness and production cost of the quick connect plate; The bobbin clamp can not be pulled back, and the workpiece length can be controlled correctly; Body precision: 0.01mm; Clamping accuracy: below 0.03mm; JAB-W25 adopts imported bobbin clamp. The adjustable structure can adjust the clamping accuracy to within 0.003mm. The minimum clamping diameter can reach 1mm. It has good waterproof function and is suitable for the environment with cutting fluid JHB oil pressure type increases the clamping force, but the relative speed is low, which is suitable for reprocessing clamping< Br/>Product application: JAB products are mainly used in the transformation of NC lathes, lathes, grinders, indexing plates, M/C fourth and fifth axis indexing plates and other products. They are more suitable for light turning of fast batch products. JHB series are widely used in the processing of gear rubbing machines.

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