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Two -way main shaft clip. The working principle of the two -headed car owner's shaft clip seat

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The two -way spindle clip. The main function of the two -headed car owner's shaft clip is to combine the driving spindle unit and the two -way fixture unit into one, mainly divided into clamping functions, high -speed rotation functions, and high -pressure oil products at high speeds. Function.

One. The two -way main shaft clip.

The push force formed by driving the built -in piston by hydraulic or air pressure drivers, drives the piston and slide sleeves to move left and right according to the settings. Mode:

1. Single piston connected unidirectional transmission clamping: The drive mode movement of the single piston linkage is a single -directional movement. According to the needs of the design scheme, the piston movement direction is tightly clamped by the taper, and the other side is passed by linkage by linkage. Pull the tube after the tube clip.

2. Double piston independent two -way transmission clamping: Pistons on both sides of the piston move independently. The design of the dual piston requires sufficient location space, which will cause the main axis body to become longer. Not suitable for adopting, most of the need for demand solutions.

2. Both direction of the spindle clip. The rear principle of the two -headed car main axis clip seat:

1. Considering the actual requirements for the use of multi -axis bearing capacity and application rotation requirements, the rotation is mainly carried by NSK and FAG high -precision contact bearing.

2. In the original design, comprehensively consider the passage and sealing requirements of the gap in the gap against the gap and the internal clamping the air pressure.

3. The driver of the main axis clip is driven by the external servo motor and the main shaft synchronization with wheel transmission.

3. The principle of sealing the air pressure driving medium in a high -speed rotation mechanism:

1. The turning mechanism and the clamping driver medium are structured in the same cavity. Due to the existence of the gap between the rotation, not only the clamping force caused by oil liquidity should be considered, but it must also solve the large rotation resistance of the closed pressure to generate a large rotation resistance. And friction temperature rise, the product's oil circuit does a fine layout, and the gap is sealed under pressure.

2. Considering the liquidity of the internal oil medium in the state of pressure, the product has made the oil return structure, and the excess oil products are collected through the oil leakage tank in the stress operation state. /p>

Product characteristics: It can be processed at the same time at the same time, and the concentricity of the two ends is "zero" double efficiency, which greatly reduces the volume and cost. The special weapon for processing of the axial pipeline is improved to improve the speed design and perfectly solve the various processing requirements. Greatly shorten the length of the spindle, for the processing of short materials, indentation type and letting the knife design solve the limitation of the spindle length, and the automatic material delivery of the rear part is easier. Double head processing. The latest clip design is a large clip holding itinerary to perfectly solve the problem of the Grand Grand Grand Grand Power Folder. (You can design a special sandwich product for customer products and processing characteristics)

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