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Bidirectional spindle clip. The development background of the two -headed car owner shaft clip seat

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CHC Precision Machinery Co., LTD first developed a two -way spindle clip in Taiwan. In the early days of this century, it was designed to solve the requirements of the bearing of the bicycle drum at both ends of the bearing of the bicycle. Class, shells and related general industry parts processing technology changes.

Several difficult problems of traditional car crafts during the car processing process of both ends of the workpiece:

1. When the two ends need to be processed at the same time, it is necessary to do secondary and independent processing, and the share of manpower and equipment is high;

2. The benchmark variable generated by the clamp generated by the secondary clamp cannot be controlled;

3. When the workpiece has the requirements of concentricity, the benchmark of the secondary clip variable cannot be controlled and guaranteed to ensure concentric requirements.

Optimization of traditional processing technology:

1. The workpiece is installed at one time, and the two ends are processed at the same time to reduce the time and movement of the movement, and the process of the process is greatly shortened;

2. Reduce equipment resource input and venue occupation, so that the use of the equipment has double efficiency;

3. Avoid the variables of the secondary clamp benchmark to ensure the relative processing accuracy requirements in the same benchmark;

4. Maximize the investment in labor costs. 5. Automated design input can fit the unmanned chemical plant that realizes manufacturing and processing.

For the solution of the above processing difficulties, the research and development of the two -way spindle clipper came into response, and the core unit promoted the industrial development of double -headed CNC lathes. It is widely used in automotive parts processing and manufacturing, automation, motor industry manufacturing, precision industry, heavy industry, and general manufacturing.

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