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New Energy Vehicle Electric Axis. Analysis of the processing process

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In response to the strategic measures of global climate change and promoting green development, the development of the new energy vehicle industry has achieved great achievements and has become one of the important forces of the development and transformation of the world's automobile industry. New energy vehicles have become the main direction of the global automotive industry and promoting the world. Important engine of economic continuous growth. After years of continuous efforts, my country's new energy vehicle industry has improved significantly, the industrial system is becoming increasingly improved, and the competitiveness of enterprises has been greatly enhanced. Since 2015, the production and sales and preservation have ranked first in the world for 7 consecutive years.

New energy vehicle motor output shafts and transmission shafts are an important part of new energy vehicles, and many domestic manufacturers have formed large -scale industrial production. In response to the product requirements and process requirements of the motor shaft, the main shaft of the motor shaft double -headed car owner of the motor shaft developed and designed by Chongzhen will further improve the traditional processing process in a double -headed driving method. After great improvement, it has gradually formed standardization of the process industry.

There are many types of new energy vehicle motor axis. There are about the following types of processing processes: embryo cutting or forging, heat treatment, deep -hole processing, turning, rubbing, grinding, surface treatment, etc. Here you are processing. Analysis of crafts in the process:

I. There are several ways to cut off in traditional processing processes:

1. If there is a hole requirements, there will be a lathe or deep -hole machine with machining pores, and the non -perforated requirements will also process the central hole of the end face during the turning process.

2. The internal hole of the end -facial hole in the appearance of the end surface: Take a secondary clip with a unilateral one -sided by the embryo. Different basis can also cause deviations, and it is necessary to further achieve the two -time clamping correction or high -precision grinding process.

3. Deficiency problems: unstable processing size, difficulty in concentric requirements for high requirements, cumbersome process and having a lot of human resources in equipment, and a long time losses.

2. Double -headed car process:

1. One sequence is held at the middle of the middle ends at the middle of the embryo. There is a pores that can be completed directly in this process. In the case of the same embryo benchmark, the two ends of the processing part of the processing part are guaranteed.

2. The two -sequence is based on the processing of the same -handed concentric base at both ends and the overall outer diameter of the processing on the CNC vehicle to complete the product car cutting process.

3. If there is a relative position key slot, milling square, and sales hole on both ends of the motor axis, you can control the relative angle of the relative angle of the relative angle by adding the spindle milling function through the double -headed car milling shaft function. The bias of the fixture and the fixture.

3. Regarding the conventional combination of automatic line:

1. Embryo and process transfer automatic feeding system-dual-headed lathe — CNC car — teeth-rubbing machine-local high-frequency treatment --- grinding --- online detection-finished product

2. The combination of the processing process depends on product needs, and the process that some products are not needed or design can be connected or decreased in the entire line.

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